Grimwood Forest

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The Grimwood Forest is a large forest in the western part of central mainland Cascadia, featuring an adjacent, name-sharing coast to its west. It was rendered uninhabitable by the Cascadian Calamity Event.


The forest is one of the numerous Cascadian forests that are such natural marvels that they are famous as worldwide tourist destinations.[2] Windmills dot the coastline, and the forest is connected to a desolate mountain range. There is an island castle located nearby as well.


Grimwood Forest burning

During the Cascadian Conflict, the Cascadian Independence Force launched a nationwide offensive following the destruction of the Solana Communications Array. By April 17, AC 432, they had reached Grimwood Forest,[3] but were held back by Pacific Federation resistance until one month later on the 23rd when the Federation's countryside resistance was driven back to the forest. In desperation, and with most of its forces retreating through the forest, the Federation set fire to a large portion of the forest for over three full days in an attempt to delay their advance to Presidia, the Cascadian Firefighting Corps attempting to put them out in the process. Unfortunately for them, their forces were subdued and defeated.[1]

The Cascadian Calamity Event ignited an exclusion zone within the region, igniting it once again. It fell back into Federation hands as the CIF evacuated to safer havens,[4] but was retaken by August 2.[5]