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"Let’s show them what the Cascadian Air Force can do!"
― A CIF pilot[1]

The Cascadian Air Force is the Cascadian National Guard's aerial warfare branch. Despite being numerically inferior to the Federation Air Force, it appears to feature equally experienced pilots, if not more experienced.[2] Furthermore, in place of a dedicated branch like the Federation's for operating airships, the Air Force is presumably operating them themselves.

Apparently, Air Force pilots, mainly Federation Air Academy graduates, generally seek glory in the service, but end up disappointed as they sortie and perform offensive strikes rarely.[3] In addition, even with their combat readiness, they tend to be more burned out compared to mercenaries.[2]


The Cascadian Air Force was notably battered in the early stages of the Cascadian Conflict, struggling to maintain the frontlines with the Solana Communications Array's interference. It was only with mercenary support that they managed to stand a fighting chance against the Federation.[4][2]

The Air Force, with mercenary assistance, was able to use airlift units to get as many people out of Presidia as possible during its fall.[5] They were occupied with the frontlines most of the time while the mercenaries performed deep strikes, intercepts, and raids that were crucial for advancing the war effort, including Operation Broken Chain (which the Air Force was still involved in).[6][7]

The entire Air Force was launched to the Bering Strait as part of Operation Guillotine, following a patrol catching sight of a transport flight carrying veteran Federation troops out. Initially, the CIF was on the backfoot, losing numerous aircraft and all of their AWACS before mercenaries came to aid them. Thanks to them, the tide of the furball was not only turned, but became a crushing victory for the rebels, especially wtih half of Peacekeeper Squadron Crimson being among the casualties.[2]

As a result, the Air Force had free reign over their own country for a while, pushing the Federation back little by little unopposed, especially in the CIF Offensive Campaign;[8] notably, no formal Air Force elements supported the campaign's Magadan Invasion beyond after-the-fact separate plots, only mercenaries.[9] Unfortunately, their time of reckoning came when, concurrently while deploying in Prospero to liberate it, the Federation triggered the Cascadian Calamity Event, resulting in the Air Force's decimation across the country and loss of many airbases, forcing them to make do with highways and other makeshift runway installations.[1][10]

Following two months of inaction and recovery, however, the Air Force and their mercenaries swiftly remobilized and attacked unprepared Federation forces at bases like Brite Fortress.[11] Additionally, after securing Prospero proper, the Air Force sent in transport planes and helicopters to recover lost equipment and establish an FOB for the war's final battles.[10] The Air Force and their allies did liberate their country; however, in the final moments, they were all shot down by a rampaging Crimson 1, who destroyed their capital.[12]

In the aftermath, although almost completely destroyed, the Air Force began to accommodate mercenary assistance, with their influence leading to the ACG-01 Chimera becoming their mainline fighter.[13]

Rank structure and personnel

Name Rank/Occupation Fate Notes
J. Griffiths Captain/Stardust flight leader MIA Independence Force HQ staff member. Participated in Oceanian War and was the mercenary liaison in the Cascadian Conflict. Fate unknown after being shot down by Crimson 1 on August 23, AC 432 in the Presidian Disaster.
Darwin N/A/Kornhill member Active N/A
Flavien N/A/Kornhill member Active N/A
Jerbo N/A/Kornhill member Active N/A
Kornhill 1 N/A/Kornhill leader Active N/A
Orion 3 N/A/Orion Squadron leader KIA Assumed command when previous leader was downed in Operation Guillotine. KIA during the Second Battle of Presidia after colliding with a Federation airship.


Name Fate Commanding officer Composition Notes
Crosstalk Dissolved Unknown 6x F/E-18 Rear guard unit assigned to Rowsdower Air Force Base, Federation loyalists. Shot down in Operation Carpet Dawn.
Jesterfield Active Unknown 2x EP-215 Conducted SAR operations in the Fall of Presidia.
Kornhill Active Kornhill 1 4x I/A-52 Bombarded Federation ground forces in the Fall of Presidia.
AWACS Fowl Active Unknown FC-8 Evacuated the Fall of Presidia.
AWACS Sate Active Unknown FC-8 Evacuated the Fall of Presidia.
Kuiper Team Active Unknown Unknown Joined forces with Triton Team during Operation Guillotine.
Orion Squadron Dissolved Unnamed leader
Orion 3
8x VX-23 Participated in Operation Guillotine and lost its leader, who was immediately replaced by Orion 3. Destroyed twice in Mission Telmort-00-Exil, where they supported the obstinate General Faust's goal, and the Second Battle of Presidia.
Restiral Active Unknown 3x C/T-17 Evacuated Cascadian personnel during the Fall of Presidia.
Skyseeker Active Unknown 6x C/T-17 Evacuated Cascadian personnel during the Fall of Presidia.
Wave Front Active Unknown 3x C/T-17 Evacuated Cascadian personnel during the Fall of Presidia.
Stardust Active Captain J. Griffiths 3x MG-29 Participated in Operation Guillotine.
Triton Team Active Unknown Unknown Joined forces with Kuiper Team during Operation Guillotine.


Airborne Warning and Control Systems


Fighters and attackers




  • The Cascadian Air Force tailcode found on all CIF skins reads as follows: