Brite Fortress

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"Think we can take this base?"
"Negative, we don't have the manpower. Just blow it to hell and the rebels will pick up the pieces."
"Whatever, more country livin' for me."
Evelyn London and Dominic Zaitsev on the fortress[1]

Brite Fortress is a large facility in Audrerie Valley, mainland Cascadia. It is one of the numerous facilities built by the Cascadian National Guard to defuse factional infighting in the country's nascent days. The fortress stores land battleships.


The desert fortress is rather small, with 16 radar sites for meteorological use and a good amount of defenses making up the base. Some housing is included, and there are four land battleship docks housing one ship each.


The National Guard constructed major bases such as the Brite Fortress and Weather Facility in the immediate period of Cascadian unification before AC 0 to dissuade original factions with residue bad blood from carrying out violence. Over the following centuries, its role was reduced to a secondary logistics facility.[2]

When the Cascadian Conflict broke out in AC 432, the Pacific Federation seized and used the installation as an airbase for damaged aircraft as well as to transmit signals from the Solana Communications Array up to its destruction. The fortress, however, became very important for survivors, especially Federation troops, after the Cascadian Calamity Event as it was out of range of any major geothermal hotspots and was the largest base in the immediate region.[2]

The base came under assault by the Cascadian Independence Force and partisans on July 25 just as its forces were beginning to stage a renewed offensive to continue the war. Although not retaken that day due to insufficient manpower,[1] Brite Fortress was back in rebel hands by August 2.[3]


The given coordinates for this location and Grimwood Forest are mistakenly the same.