Yellowstone Exclusion Zone

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The Yellowstone Exclusion Zone is an exclusion zone surrounding the eponymous supervolcano.


The eruption of the supervolcano, the largest one in the Calamity, spread volcanic ash across the entire North American continent, triggering the Long Cold in the process. Over the next six centuries, the eruption's remnants would fade away, replaced by sprawling wilderness. The nation of Cascadia at some point imposed the exclusion zone due to latent unmapped territory and dangerous occasional geothermal flareups,[1] though they built energy-generating facilities over various locations in the zone, including on the Apodock Fracture, one of the zone's more stable fractures.[2]

During the Cascadian Conflict, the Pacific Federation occupied said facilities and used them to fuel their war effort against the Cascadian Independence Force. The CIF responded by hitting the facilities on March 4, AC 432[3] and launching an invasion into the region by April 3.[4] By the 17th, they took over a quarter of the zone territory,[5] but were pushed back by May 13[6] and forced out along with the Federation by the Cascadian Calamity Event.[7] The CIF took over the southern part of the zone by August 12, the only non-vacant part of Yellowstone.[8]