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The After Calamity Era, sometimes the AC Era/Period. is the standard time measurement system that followed the Calamity, a tectonic superdisaster that devastated human civilization. Following the disaster, it took the 150-year-long Long Cold before the surviving nations of the world could rebuild their communications infrastructure and officially determine the continuation of human existence and development.

Since the year zero, the average citizen has been living a safe and comfortable life.[1] In addition, cordium, which would become one of the primary energy sources, was properly studied early in the After Calamity Era, eventually leading to cordium mining[2] in addition to geothermal energy collection. The Ring of Fire, despite remaining active, settled down to much more sustainable levells.[3]

Remnants of the Calamity still persist worldwide. Tectonic and volcanic activity is still commonplace within the Ring of Fire but mostly localized in certain areas. Local governments treat these areas as exclusion zones.[4] One of the largest is the Yellowstone Exclusion Zone, where most of the territory is unmapped and dangerous geothermal flare-ups continue to occur.[5] Furthermore, there are numerous microislands and other landmasses yet to be mapped out even centuries later.[6] To most of the developed world, however, the Calamity is ancient history.[4]

The political relations of the AC Era are defined by access to geothermal and later cordium resources or the absence thereof. The Pacific Federation dominated world events during its 100-year history due to its size, but movements from other superpowers, the Cascadian Conflict, and the Periphery's rise to independence threatened to upset the balance of power.[7][8] The first man-made exclusion zone was created in Solstitium by accident.[9]

One of the first "modern" conflicts during the period was the Oceania War, a conflict fought between Oceania and the Federation when the former wished to secede due to the latter putting strain on their natural resources.[10] The later, vastly more destructive Cascadian Conflict between Cascadia and the Federation occurred for similar reasons, defined as the largest war yet.[11]

The calendar system for the time period before year zero is unknown.


The acronym of "After Calamity Era" spells out "ACE" or "AC Era", which is a reference to both the Ace Combat series, which inspired Project Wingman, and Project Aces, the studio behind the aforementioned series.