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This dirt strip is a minor installation located in a short mountain range located east of mainland Cascadia.

It also serves as the first airbase used in the campaign.


The airstrip features a partially paved runway and four hangars; three regular-sized ones (including one on the west half of the airstrip, connected by a road) and a single large hangar located close to the control tower. Seven Pillars of Communications towers are located nearby. The nearby mountains resemble Fresnon Range's geographic formation.


During the Cascadian Conflict, the airstrip was used for a few days by Sicario, the very first mercenaries to arrive in-country. The mercenary unit's aircraft used the airstrip to refuel and rest their personnel after arriving in Cascadia from their cross-continent flight. They then left the airstrip for Rowsdower Air Force Base.[1]


There are six C/T-17s parked on the airstrip, alluding to Circus' prior arrival with the rest of Sicario, as during the border crossing, Hitman and Gunsel Team had hung back to destroy pursuing Federation Air Force border air patrols prior to catching up with the other Sicario aircraft entering Cascadia.


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