Scarred Sea

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The Scarred Sea is a body of water in the Cascadian region that lies between the mainland and the outer regions.


There are numerous man-made floating settlements and rigs built within the sea. One of them was the Harkema Industrial Park, an experimental weapons research/cordium rig.[1] The sea connects to a pair of channels in the north and south, including a geothermal fracture in a southern island. Notably, it is also a fishing hotspot.[2]


The Calamity flooded much of the former land that was central North America, forming the Scarred Sea.

It also made it look as if some of North America’s land mass has broken away to form the "island" part of Cascadia, though this is not what happened.


The Scarred Sea somewhat resembles the Western Interior Seaway, a prehistoric sea that split North America into the subcontinents Laramidia and Appalachia during the Mesozoic.