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The FC-8 is an AWACS plane used by various militaries around the world. A militarized version of the C-8 civilian airliner, it features improved durability, engines, and roll capability.

Its most notable operator is Dominic Zaitsev, Sicario's second-in-command and a rare mercenary AWACS even in smaller militaries and who lacks standard operator training.[1]


Like all utility aircraft, they are slow and poorly maneuverable. They are completely unarmed, but are the most durably utility planes gameplay-wise, taking multiple standard and special missile hits before going down. It is recommended to combine missiles with strafing runs.

One must also remember that like other utilities, the C/T-17's wreckage retains its hitbox, meaning it can take the player with it via crashing even after its destruction. Furthermore, the Pacific Federation FC-8's white paint blends almost completely with the clouds, increasing the likelihood of crashing by accident. A slow approach is recommended.

Notable Units


Sicario's second-in-command, Dominic Zaitsev, operates as a radio officer on his FC-8 under the callsign AWACS Galaxy. His FC-8 is painted dark brown and has "SICARIO MERCENARY CORPS" on it.

Both the Federation and the CIF employed plenty of FC-8 AWACS throughout the Cascadian Conflict. Notably during Operation Guillotine, all CIF AWACS in the Bering Strait were either shot down or forced to retreat due to battle damage or harassment from Federation fighters, forcing Dominic to take command of all fighters at the time.[2]


  • Strangely, there is a playable version of the FC-8 that cannot be unlocked through normal means. Its statistics and armaments are shared with the MG-21.
The FC-8
  • A parked Federation FC-8 appears on the main menu.