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The Sk.27 is a mid-tier single-seat fighter with high responsiveness. It features plenty of hardpoints and AA weapons to make it a decent air superiority fighter.


  1. Three-tone desert camouflage, mercenary and Monarch markings. Loosely based off the Yuktobanian Su-27 skin from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
  2. Three-tone blue and white digital camouflage, Federation Air Force markings. Bears a loose resemblance to the Ukrainian Air Force's Su-27. Seen throughout the campaign.
  3. Three-tone light gray camouflage, Cascadian Air Force/Independence Force markings. Seen throughout the campaign.
  4. Green, black, brown, and lime forest camouflage, mercenary and Monarch markings.

Notable Units

  • Cleaner - Conquest mode only. Can be hired as allies. Six members, health doubled.
  • Siniy - Conquest mode only. Normal elite enemy squadron, four members.
  • Apocalypse - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron, four members.
  • Beta Flight - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron aircraft.
  • 404th - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron member (Anon).
  • F.O.G - Conquest mode only. Kickstarter boss squadron aircraft, three members.


Sicario employed at least three Sk.27s,[1] two of which took part in the Cascadian Conflict's Operation Blackout, where the Federation stationed three in the Solana Communications Array.[2] The Federation, while intercepting Sicario over the Fresnon Range, had four of these as escorts for the airship Espadon, all of which were shot down by Hitman Team and Gunsel Squadron.[1]

Multiple Federation Sk.27s were sent in to protect Apodock Fracture and their air train as well as participate in the furball at the Bering Strait, and in turn, most of them were shot down.[3][4][5] A pair of them patrolled the Prospero ruins, which were downed as well by Hitman in Operation Recall.[6]

Rebel-aligned mercenary forces used four of them in Operation Free Agent.[7]


  • During early development, the Sk.27 featured a three-tone blue, light blue and grey camouflage scheme with a white nose cone, giving it a resemblance to the Russian Air Force's Su-27s. In the demos as well, it was built by Magansk Aeronautical Design Bureau in AC 385 and it featured the following description:
"The Sk.27 is a twin-engine fighter aircraft designed by Magansk Aeronautical Design Bureau. The Sk.27 was designed for air superiority misisons,[sic] and further variants perform in nearly all combat capable scenario. It was designed in parallel alongside Danya Engineering NG-29A[sic] as equals."
    • It was also Comic's signature plane as well before being replaced by the F/C-15.