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"Task Force 1's deployment to Cascadia would be overwhelming and costly to the Independence Force, a direct confrontation would be nothing less than a disaster."
― CIF unit briefer[3]

Task Force 1 (TF-01) was one of the most powerful and renowned airship fleets of the Federation Vertical Navy. As its main airship fleet, it was deployed worldwide to project the highest echelons of Federation military might.

The airfleet was annihilated in Wai Mami Port by Cascadian Independence Force-hired mercenaries in a raid in the middle of the Cascadian Conflict.


Task Force 1's organization and composition was unmatched, totaling 17 airships, though because of this, its cordium fuel requirements were massive. Its flagship was the 205-class air battleship Zetec, captained by Admiral Mathieu "Bones" Bonin.[2]


As the Federation's main airship battlegroup, Task Force 1 was deployed around the world to maintain an unmatched presence against potential rebellions along the Periphery and during the federalization process of nations,[4] locking down entire airspaces for 100 miles.

In AC 432, the task force was unable to participate in the initial stages of the Cascadian Conflict due to a refit by Icarus Armories in Oceania.[4] It later attempted to make it to Cascadia but was destroyed in port in Sawaiiki following a long-range raid executed by mercenary forces.[3]


  • Strangely, five of the listed ships (Epsilonic, Hellbender, Kagonish, Mosulola, and Owl) are not identified in-game, and one of them (Nag) is not even listed in the Files Archive.
  • The fleet also serves as the final boss in Conquest mode along with two PW-Mk.Is and X-PFs, albeit downsized to five fully-upgraded airships of each class.