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Spy ships are intelligence vessels used to gather reconnaissance data. They are often used sparingly in lone pickets.


Spy ships are recognizable by the two large radomes mounted on their superstructure near the center of the hull and the dazzle camouflage that covers their hulls. They are completely unarmed and pose no threat, and are mainly operated by the Pacific Federation, though the realm of possibility remains that Conrad Security also has at least one spy ship under its service.


The Federation used spy ships at sparing deployments in the Cascadian Conflict. One example is the FNS Cat-Eye, which was actually verifying rumors of the Mercenary Cabal's survival when it was sunk off the Burning Coast.[1][2] Another was stationed at Harkema Industrial Park when it was sunk as well.[3] A pair of spy ships were also stationed at Wai Mami Port in Sawaiiki during Operation Free Agent.[4]


The spy ship's design bears loose resemblance to the French Navy SIGINT vessel Dupuy de Lôme.