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We’re going by our TAC names for the duration of this contract. [...] If you break it, it's on your ass. You know how bounty hunters are if they have a name. Dismissed.
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Churches was a Federation Intercept Specialist.


Churches shot down

During the Cascadian Conflict, Churches, along with Triplication, were warned by Crimson 1 about the Cascadian Independence Force's use of highly skilled mercenary pilots. On March 21, AC 432, they were deployed on the Gladeus to the Briggs Range in response to Hitman Team's attack on the Federation airtrain. After launching from the airship, both pilots recognized Monarch and struggled with his and his wingman's flying style and were eventually shot down.[1]


Churches is the nickname of José Hugo Iglesias Hernández, one of the Kickstarter backers.[2]