Master Goose Squadron

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Master Goose Squadron was a mercenary unit that operated during the Cascadian Conflict. Prior to the war, they had a respectable, if not plain combat record compared to Sicario.[1]

The squadron fought in various battles of the civil war on the side of the Cascadian Independence Force and were constantly in the shadows of Sicario, eventually defecting to the Pacific Federation to seek better fortunes. They ambushed the PMC on June 2, AC 432 and were all killed in action.[2]


During the Meilynx Incident, Master Goose was hired by the Burlok Privateers to defend their base, but failed to arrive before Sicario defeated the privateers' forces and destroyed the cordium shipment there. They declined to engage Sicario and instead explained their intentions to travel west to work in Cascadia.[3]

In the Cascadian Conflict, Master Goose participated alongside Sicario and Cascadian Independence Force fighters in the Bering Strait's Operation Guillotine (albeit at half strength and in CIF colors)[4] and the raid on Sawaiiki.[5] During and after the latter operation, they were envious of Sicario being always at the forefront and leaving them to "pick up scraps" and taking all the glory through Hitman Team (especially flight lead Monarch)'s prominent performance among the Cascadian-aligned mercenaries.

Master Goose Squadron's destruction

Consumed by jealousy and believing that the Federation would win the war, Master Goose decided to go turncoat and seek their fortunes with the other side of the war instead. Following the Prospero Disaster, they were hired by fellow mercenary and Icarus Armories test pilot Klara Rask on behalf of the Federation, acquired better aircraft, and as bounty hunters, intercepted Hitman Team and their AWACS as they returned to Rowsdower Air Force Base. The ambush failed as they were all shot down and killed, along with Rask herself, by Hitman.[2]


  • The squadron name is probably a play-on word to Mother Goose One, Vincent Harling's personal callsign in the Ace Combat series. Its four-man composition, use of F/D-14s and F/S-15s, and later betrayal may also be a homage to the Wardog/Razgriz and 8492nd/Grabacr Squadrons, respectively the main protagonist and antagonist squadrons of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, and their canon aircraft.
    • Their F/S-15 liveries are also notably similar to Grabacr's.
    • Their motives for trying to kill Hitman are also similar to Grabacr's to Wardog in a way; believing them to be too influential in winning their respective wars.
  • The squadron's F/D-14s in their first appearance sport Federation skins even though they later use the CIF skin. This may be an error as well as accidental foreshadowing of their betrayal.