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This article contains unreleased, cut, or non-canon material.
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The following quotes and their available corresponding voiceovers can be found in Project Wingman's internal files. They were either cut/altered from the final script or not voiced whatsoever, but regardless cannot be heard in the final script. Some audio files have been joined together according to their given order.


Black Flag

Dialogue Notes File
Hitman 3 | Comic: Thermal signatures rising, cordium doesn't usually cook off like that. Said after "...huh, uh...objectives complete, Hitman, RTB at your leisure."


Dialogue Notes File
Federation AWACS: We've got a transmission from Command, from what data we can gather, you are engaged with a private security corporation called Sicario.
Federation Pilot: We need specifics, AWACS!
Replaced by "From what data we can gather, you are engaged with a private security corporation called Sicario." -
Stardust: Confirmed, welcome to Cascadia, Sicario, follow us, we have a temporary landing strip set up for the rest of the mercenaries before we move you into someplace more permanent. Replaced by "Confirmed, welcome to Cascadia, Sicario, follow us, we have a temporary landing strip set up for you mercenaries." -


Dialogue Notes File
Sicario Airborne: Hey, wake the hell up, we've been told to drop ASAP!
Sicario Airborne: Stand up, stand up!
Sicario Airborne: Hook up, hook up!
Said after "All Airborne, prepare for a hot drop." -
  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: That's right. You three, you're natives, aren't you?
Said after "I never flew the skies like you did, not like this." -
AWACS | Galaxy: Ah, you lucky bastards. Hitman Team, begin landing sequence, Rowsdower is ours. Replaced by "Hitman Team, begin landing sequence. You lucky bastards, Rowsdower is ours." -

Sirens of Defeat

Dialogue Notes File
Allied Ground Unit: I can't believe we're just giving the city up! -
Cascadian Partisan: Get to any of the municipal halls, we have to torch and burn as many records as we can, can't have the Feds knowing who we are.
Cascadian Partisan: Can't let the IF know for that matter anyway, I don't need no failed government telling me how to fight.
Cascadian Partisan: Make the police station target number one, then, that's where they keep firearm ownership logs.
Slightly altered exchange. -
Allied Ground Unit: Use the wrecks as cover, we can't afford to draw fire toward homes if we use them instead! Replaced by "Use the wrecks as cover, we can't afford to draw fire towards homes!" -
Federation Airship: Here they come, normalize firing pattern as soon as we can.
  • Said after "Remember, attack these things from above or below, never from behind or head on."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied General | Wild Boar Actual: Damn it! Said after "It wasn’t supposed to be like this..." -

Machine of the Mantle

Dialogue Notes File
Federation Worker: Presidia should expect brownouts, if we just do an emergency shutdown, that cuts a good 20% of active regional power. Said after "Start dropping the pressure in the conduits, if the tanks go off, we need to make sure we aren't cooking bombs." -
Federation Worker: You don't want to be anywhere near if this facility goes up, don't you know what happened to Solstitium?
  • Said after "While we’re under attack?! 20-point lists are kinda hard to read while we’re being bombed!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Worker: Peacekeepers? The hell are they?
Federation Facility Chief: Aces, pilots who believe in the Federation first over their own country, I reckon these are Cascadia's own.
Replaced by "Peacekeepers? Who the hell are they?" -

Eminent Domain

Dialogue Notes File
Federation Ship: All ships in blocking positions, we are on the tail of the rebel battleship, be ready, we're taking a pounding from it!
  • Said after "It’s on principle, Hitman 3, if the rebels can steal a battleship, think about how that makes the rest of the Feds in-region look."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
AWACS | Galaxy: [chuckle] Hitman 1 and 3, learn a little about courtesy from this guy. Replaced by "Hey Hitman, you could learn a little about courtesy from this guy." -
Eminent Domain | Captain Woodward: Thank you very much, Hitman, looking forward to working with you in the future! Replaced by "Thank you very much, Hitman, we'll raise hell in your name next time around!" -

Clear Skies

Dialogue Notes File
Federation AWACS: Maintain current angels and engage at will. Blue 3 through 7, stay close to us.
  • Said after "Yeah, I was expecting that. Hitman Team, heads up, we have another AWACS in the area."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Stepping Stone

Dialogue Notes File
Federation Air Defense: A one-ship attack against an air defense facility? That's suicide!
  • Said after "You hear that? The echoes. That's only one fighter.".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Pillars of Communications

Dialogue Notes File
AWACS | Galaxy: If only I could say the same... Replaced by "I wish I could say the same." -
AWACS | Galaxy: Intercept and engage. Hitman, that means you. Replaced by "That means you, Hitman, intercept and engage." -
Federation Facility Command: Shoot them all down, we can't afford to let them destroy anything here, raise the alerts, battlestations. Replaced by "They made it this far in?! We can’t let them destroy anything here, deploy what we have!" -
Federation Ground Unit: Where'd our air defense squadron go?! Said after "We've got both enemy air and ground troops coming down on us!" -
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: All that's left is the main comm facility. Ronin, blow it open. Said at the start of Phase 3. -
Federation Facility Command: Power to weapon and tracking systems, we've got contacts coming in fast, load up the railguns! Said after "Designating new targets and HVTs on the IFF, have at it!" -
Federation Facility Command: Guns in Defense Sectors Alpha through Foxtrot, commence firing. Said after "A little more warning would've been nice!" -
Sicario Armored Unit: Engage and destroy all enemy armored! All units, let's soften them up for our flyboys! Said after "Angle our hull, let our armor do its thing!" -

Federation Ground Unit: I thought this was going to be an easy assignment!
Federation Ground Unit: Don't sweat it, airdropped armor doesn't have much meat, if we get them pinned, it's over.

Sicario Armored Unit: These things are basically APCs with a tank cannon on it.
Sicario Airborne: We can't go head to head with Federation armor, we have to rely on the flyboys overhead.

Said after "All Mobster Elements, move in tandem with Hitman’s airstrikes." -
Sicario Armored Unit: Has Galaxy always been like this? Said after "Khan 3-2, hold position and consolidate with 3-3 Section, we’re putting mortar rounds out to cover Alpha Mission." -
Federation Facility Command: Damn it, consolidate all forces, let them come. Said after "You know he’s gunning for the Boss’ spot once he buys the farm, gotta get the practice commanding in." -
Sicario Armored Unit: I think they're toast, Galaxy. Replaced by "Phew...yeah, I think they’re smoked, Galaxy.". -
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: [laughs] We are back in business! They'll write stories about us after today, Sicario, now let's get out of here! Said as the first debriefing line. -

Cold War

Dialogue Notes File
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Is it too on the nose to call this a snowball? [chuckle] Woah, radar spike! Said after "Come on, you Fed blowhards, come take me on!" -
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Does it matter in the end? Replaced by "You bet it is." -
AWACS | Galaxy: Good stuff, Sicario. If I didn't know any better, though, it looked like Monarch changed the course of this one. Replaced by "Monarch, it seems like you’re top dog today, keep it up." -
AWACS | Galaxy: Hitman Team, you're picking up a hell of a lot.
Mercenary Pilot: Who's top dog?
AWACS | Galaxy: Monarch.
Said after "Not every king is just.". -
Federation Pilot: I'll put this mercenary in his place!
  • Said after "I always loved an audience.".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Eminent Domain | Captain Woodward: I'd love to sink Federation ships as much as the next sailor. However, we have to concentrate on SAR for downed pilots. Replaced by "I’d love to throw into a dogfight as much as the next sailor. However, we have to concentrate on search and rescue for our downed pilots." -
Crimson 1: Crimson, focus on the mercenary IFFs, they're the backbone of the rebel Air Force.
  • Replaced by "Crimson, focus on the enemy IFFs, they're the backbone of the enemy Air Force."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Crimson Pilot: Re-Reform the formation, adjust our tactics, damn! Replaced by "Adjust our tactics and reform the attack pattern, we’ll make ’em pay for that." -
Crimson 1: Damn it! Replaced by "No, no, no!" -

Midnight Light

Dialogue Notes File
Federation Scientist: We've only simulated 002 at full strength, actual combat stimulus shifts the delta drastically. Replaced by "We've only simulated 02 at full strength, actual combat stimulus shifts the delta drastically, I need to get back to the university with this data when I'm done." -

Valkyrie's Call

Dialogue Notes File
Sawaiiki Dock Worker: Hey, those planes, are they on the schedule? Said after "I've never seen so many airships in one place..." -
Federation Defense: We've got inbound fast movers, it's an entire formation! Said after "Pouncing Badgers, Wildshot Gang, I'm pushing you into this sector to saturate." -
Sawaiiki Port Authority: All citizens are advised to seek shelter until further notice, Sawaiiki is under attack, I repeat, Sawaiiki is under attack.
  • Said after "All personnel in CB Unit Bear, get to the docks now and load up the airships, we're under attack!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Sawaiiki Dock Worker: I knew hosting the Federation here would've led to this, damn them! -

Open Season

Dialogue Notes File
Briefer: The last bastions of Federation offensive ground power are here, Hitman, I think we all know what to do. Last line of the briefing. -
Allied Ground Unit: You're gonna die on this land, Fed! -
Federation Ground Unit: We lost Bravo Company in the firestorm, I don't know if we can go back for them! Said after "Damn that mercenary for turning the tide in their favor." -

Consequence of Power

Dialogue Notes File
Federation Pilot: Shot down by artillery? Yeah, that'll be the day. -
Federation Pilot: This is Sapphire, we're coming in hot. Said after "I didn't survive the Bering Strait just so I could get shot down here!" -
Federation Pilot: Cover as many as you can, we've got home field advantage!
  • Said after "Are we going to have an airfield left to land on?!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
AWACS | Galaxy: I don't care, put me out on all frequencies! Said after "What is it, Galaxy?"
Federation Defense: Were we bait?! How the hell are we supposed to get out of this?! Said after "They're fried, I saw it, it just...fried them to dust, we need to get out of here!" -

No Respite

Dialogue Notes File
Cascadian Partisan: You had your chance to leave this place!
  • Said after "Sniper fire from the woods! I think those damn partisans are still out there, we should've taken them out when we had the chance!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: [sighs] How many Feds have we whacked at this point, a few thousand?
Hitman 3 | Comic: I know, damn, we're good.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: You mean Monarch, right?
Hitman 3 | Comic: Team effort, Dip, team effort.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Sure, whatever, I'm getting sick of this...
Said after "Whatever, just get back to the highway."

Red Sea

Dialogue Notes File
Federation Command | Dejanus: This is the battleship Dejanus. All ships, form on me, we're gonna keep this war alive.
  • Said after "Hitman Team, aim for the larger vessels and the convoys while you've got ammo at your disposal, you take them down, you're gonna have a lot less coming back up at you."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Command | Dejanus: Strike all rebel comms. All ships, fire at will.
  • Said after "For the lives of your sailors, captains, I'm begging you."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Federation Command | Dejanus: The mercenary is in the net, reel them in.

Federation Command | Dejanus: Fill the skies with lead, as long as we take down the Crown and his mercenaries, we will reclaim this war!

  • Said after "Worth a try, damn it, engage!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied Mercenary: You promised us a fight and we got one!
  • Said after "[laughs] It's a fair fight now! We've got mercenary IFF signatures inbound hot!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Command | Dejanus: Dedicate CIC information to the fighters above, as long as we take them out, the rest will follow! Screening frigates, try to delay the rebel ships! -

Allied Mercenary: Been waitin' years to do this!

Allied Mercenary: Show me the money and I'll show you effect on target.

  • Said after "Angle our hull, if we take a hit-"
  • First line restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Command | Dejanus: Open up relief ports on the opposite side, we have to keep our guns going!
  • Said after "Damage control, where are we with the flooding of Sections D and F?"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Command | Dejanus: You think that was ever an option?!
  • Said after "We won't make it back to port!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Command | Dejanus: Evacuate all personnel not currently dealing with fire control, we're not going down unless he rips out all of our teeth!
  • Said after "Almost all of our weapon systems are down, we have fires spreading throughout the hull, and we're past the point of no return on flooding!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11


Dialogue Notes File

Stardust: Every last operational Federation unit has been backed into Presidia, and because of that, it has become a fortress city, we have no other recourse but to attack with everything we have.

Extension of briefing quote -

Federation Pilot: Mercenary and rebel IFFs closing in! All fighters, maintain the integrity of the airspace, we're the only chance the city has got!

Federation Pilot: Keep yourself light, just use all of your payload, it's now or never!

Federation Pilot: This war has always been defined by us fighter pilots! Win or lose, it's decided up here!

Allied Pilot: Drop as many as you can, make sure they never come back!

Mercenary Pilot: Now or never for your five kills right here, right now!

  • Said after "No big deal, right?"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Airship Captain: Throw ourselves upon the enemy, the least we can do is take down as many as we can!
  • Said after "It's a mess up here!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied Pilot: We just lost Orion 3, he flew right into an airship!
  • Said after "There's too much-[screams]"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Pilot: There is none!
  • Said after "I've got about three seconds left on my gun, what's out exit plan?!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied Unit: Planes are just dropping from the sky...
  • Said after "I'd rather just let the money talk at this point, Dip."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Hitman 3 | Comic: They're loaded with ammo, we're just cooking them right off! Said after "Meet them halfway, if we destroy these ships, we'll wipe the Federation Navy off this side of the planet!" -
Allied Ship: We don't have time to stop for survivors, let the Feds drown!
  • Said after "All hands, abandon ship!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Defense Unit: This city was made for an invasion, if they want it back, they'll have to destroy it!
Allied Unit: Better for Presidia to burn than it to remain in the hands of the Federation!
  • Said after "We'll be going dark again and fighting with the militia down here. Hitman Team, Monarch, if you're listening, I give my graces to the King of Hell."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Defense Unit: Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!
Federation Defense Unit: We can't waste any ammo!
  • Said after "Move to the first defensive phase lines. Units, get to your blocking positions."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied Unit: You're dying here today, do you know that?! Said after "All citizens are urged to remain indoors, if you emerge, you are liable to be shot." -

Allied Unit: Looks like the Federation has their defense layers in three parts: Suburbs, midtown, and downtown with the center of defense located at the port! All aircraft, advised you engage in tandem with the ground forces!

Federation Defense Unit: All those planes...circling us...we're all dead, aren't we?

  • Said after "First phase line is engaged. All units, engage with extreme prejudice."
  • Second line restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Federation Defense Unit: Roll up as much armor as we have left, we don't even need treads just as long as the guns work!

Federation Defense Unit: I see them, the Crown.

Allied Unit: Pick them apart in the street, don't let their scouts run!

Allied Unit: We know these streets, these are our homes, drive them out!

  • Said after "You had your chance to leave!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied Unit: They've got these sectors covered, task air support on it!
  • Said after "Leave your ammo on your cover, easier access that way!"
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Federation Defense Unit: Get as much AA as we can, we can hold these streets as long as the Crown doesn't hit us!
Federation Defense Unit: We've spent an entire war trying to shoot him down!
Allied Unit: Work in tandem with the Air Force, as long as we move with them, we'll take back our city!
  • Said after "Presidia ain't gonna look the same once we're done with it!".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Allied Unit: Put pressure on those machine guns, if you can hit their barrels, you can knock them out!

Allied Unit: The glass, shoot the glass, let it fall on them!

  • Said after "Hold as much as you can, do not give up one inch."
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Federation Defense Unit: We have eight defensive fallback lines in place, we have to keep them in play at all times!

Allied Unit: All that momentum, the entire war, it leads to today, charge!

Allied Unit: Delta through Foxtrot Company, we need you to maintain security on a forward operating point here, we'll rally all forces after this first phase is dealt with!

  • Said after "They know where we are and we know where they are, all we can do is just fight!".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11
Allied Unit: Stamp them out, flood the sewers, we'll drown out those globalist rats!
  • Said after "They will fight to their last breath.".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Mercenary Pilot: Cover the Cascadian tanks as they roll in, they'll draw targets out.

Federation Defense Unit: Fill the skies with lead, just keep him off of us for as long as we can!

Allied Unit: The Feds have guns holding down every choke point in our direction!

  • Said after "We will rebuild this country. We will make it in the image of those who stood against the Federation.".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Allied Unit: Am I reading this right, they have artillery pieces inside of the towers?

Hitman 3 | Comic: It feels like we're tearing their teeth out!

  • Said after "[unintelligible] locked out from every angle! We need to call air support! Uh, I like the way [unintelligible] okay, uh...".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Federation Defense Unit: We're taking hits to critical defensive positions!

Federation Defense Unit: Keep the ammo coming!
Federation Defense Unit: We're running out of mags, we have to pack them round by round!

Assassin 1 | Kaiser: Strike them mercenaries and Cascadians!
Mercenary Pilot: Let the Crown soften 'em up!

  • Said after "[sighs] Is this what winning looks like?".
  • Second, third, and fifth lines restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Allied Unit: Keep moving up firing positions, they're running out of places to move!

Federation Defense Unit: We're being pincered from above, damn it!

Federation Defense Unit: We need support desperately!

  • Said after "They've ruined this city by being here! We'll rebuild!".
  • Restored as of Patch 2.0.11

Allied Unit: [gunfire]

Cascadian Partisan: This is our land!

Said after "Grenadiers, you've got the shot!" -

Federation Command: Pull our forces back, activate the secondaries, the rebels have broken through our first defensive lines.
Federation Defense Unit: Fall back, fall back!

Allied Unit: They're running! Machine gunners, set up and hit them in the back! [gunfire]

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: That first line seems no factor, have the rebs move up.
AWACS | Galaxy: ALCON, suggest to move through the suburbs to engage midtown defenses now.

Allied Unit: Over the barriers, let's go, let's go!
Independence Force HQ: Bezerker 0-1 reports second battle line has opened up. All units, engage as necessary.
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: So close, we're so very close.

Federation Command: Hurry up and have them sign that document, we're losing blocks by the minute.

Allied Unit: [chuckle] We have citizens...pointing out firing positions ahead of us!
Allied Unit: Give them a rifle to shoot them!

Allied Unit: Have Kohlenberger move his IFVs into the parking garages, he can hose down any firing positions along the office buildings!

Federation Defense Unit: This is Falken 1-1, we are being overrun, we are down to our last mags, broken arrow, broken arrow!

Allied Unit: We're gonna tear Presidia down if we keep pushing like this!
Allied Unit: [sighs] You know what they say, you can't go home again.

Allied Unit: All they needed to do was just surrender, not set the world on fire, we could've had our victory! Now, it's just a slaughter.

Federation Defense Unit: Foxtrot-November has fallen, how many made it out?!

Allied Unit: We have to take these buildings for the same reason they have them, firing positions!

Federation Defense Unit: Hold those stairways! Artillery guns, fire!
Federation Defense Unit: Watch out for the glass, on the way! [glass shattering]

Allied Unit: Holy Dust Mother!
Allied Unit: We've got artillery guns firing at us from above, someone get the planes on it!

Federation Defense Unit: If the Crown gets on our case, we'll put a 155 right up his ass!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: We've got targets appearing in the skyline!
Hitman 3 | Comic: They've converted the skyscrapers into defensive towers.

Sicario SOF | Ronin: We'll take point! Sadorf, Retraso, take a fireteam and hit those floors, the less Monarch has to deal with, the better!

Allied Unit: These buildings were built to withstand earthquakes, we can't take them down!

Federation Defense Unit: Why is Commander Hole-In-Head having us hold out?!

Allied Unit: Faster, faster, we can't give them time to hunker down!

Federation Defense Unit: If they get past us, they'll be in the city proper!

Allied Unit: We have multiple defense clusters popping up as active, we need air support on them now!

Mercenary Pilot: A chance in a lifetime, get 'em.

Independence Force HQ: All allied mercenaries, free engagement is encouraged.

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: When we're done, you're naming this city after me, you hear?
Hitman 3 | Comic: More than this city, Dip.

Federation Defense Unit: We didn't have time to set the charges!
Federation Defense Unit: We have RPGs, use them, the armor can't maneuver on these streets. [tank shot]
Allied Unit: Another one on the way!

Independence Force HQ: You listen to me, we can't wait for anything else, we either take back every square inch of this city or it'll be lost.

Federation Defense Unit: We had planes takeoff from our airfield without clearance!
Federation Defense Unit: Are they running?
Federation Defense Unit: Unknown!

Allied Unit: They know we're coming, brace!

Independence Force HQ: This war will literally be done in an hour, you just have to keep going.

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Stardust, is something happening that you're not telling us about?
Stardust: Just keep fighting, Hitman 2!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Ah, to hell with it.

Allied Unit: We are just outside of the range of our own arty, if we keep pushing up, we're gonna be in their killzone before they even know it!
Allied Unit: As long as our planes overhead are hitting their targets, we're good!

Hitman 3 | Comic: We've been running sorties ever since we took out their fleet, why are there still so many units?!
Stardust: This is the last stronghold of the Federation anywhere on this continent.

Federation Defense Unit: We'll have to kill them all!

Allied Unit: Choke them out!

Allied Unit: I was a cop, this was my beat, I know how to pierce through.

Allied Unit: We're so close to each other, our radios are crossing frequencies!

Federation Defense Unit: Our barrels are overheating, what's the call?!
Federation Defense Unit: They're just around the corner!

Allied Unit: Jets and airships are just dropping everywhere!

Allied Unit: That's your name, right, General Donald Weller? We found this radio on one of your officers. Please, just tell your men to retreat, if you don't stop, we're all dead, we're all going to die, no one will win this; you and me, we won't survive this. If I see you when we get to you, I'll shoot you just like you'll do to me, do you understand? Please, we'll take you in as a guest of Cascadia. Have pity for your men and women, damn it, think about their mothers, their children, just retreat!
Federation Command: That's not my order to give.
Allied Unit: I'm sorry, I wish that you'll survive this, but we can't have you here like this.
Federation Command: I don't have a choice, I will follow my orders in any case...for the Federation.

Federation Defense Unit: Incoming! [explosion]

Allied Unit: Had my first date here way back when-
Allied Unit: Look out!
Federation Defense Unit: Light them up, hurry, we have to fall back!

Federation Command: Damn it, stand in place! What about defensive positions, don't you understand?!

AWACS | Galaxy: The Feds are running out of space and we have no reinforcements on the scopes, keep going at it!
Assassin 1 | Kaiser: All of us, we'll be free after this, fight, fight!

Federation Pilot: We're not going to have a place to land anyway, let's go for the Hail Mary!
Federation Pilot: We'll take that Crown from him!

Allied Unit: We've taken back midtown, we now have ground superiority!
Allied Unit: We have the city now, we're almost there!
AWACS | Galaxy: Marking last remaining defensive positions now! Monarch, clean them up!

Allied Unit: We have a priest out here giving last rites!
Allied Unit: He's out there with Doctor Sunyi, give them cover!
Priest: May you return to the earth and meet our Dust Mother in Her heart. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Allied Medic: [soldier dying] Stay with me, son, you've been this far, be a shame to stop now.

Eminent Domain | Captain Woodward: This is the Eminent Domain, we are steaming into the harbor and providing gunnery support.
Federation Command: They're coming from all sides!

Allied Unit: Run them into the ocean!

Federation Defense Unit: Dear God, this is it, isn't it?!

Allied Unit: Take in that sea breeze, baby!

Allied Unit: I stood here at the beginning of this and now, we're back!

Federation Defense Unit: Don't shoot, please don't! [gunshot]

Sicario SOF | Ronin: We're set up on a rooftop and transmitting what recon we can, there are pockets everywhere, we're gonna have to flush this city clean.

Allied Unit: It'll take us weeks to clear out this city!
Allied Unit: All we have to worry about is the main line, the rest will capitulate in due time.

Federation Defense Unit: Everyone in front of us is hostile, don't let up!

Allied Unit: Use the cargo containers as cover!

Federation Defense Unit: The only combat ships we have left are the ones that limped back to us!
Federation Command: As long as their guns are active, it's better than nothing, keep fighting.

Federation Defense Unit: We can't maintain the front any longer!
Federation Command: Every single inch, do you hear me?! As long as we hold the ground beneath our feet, we will live!

Allied Unit: We have Federation rats hiding in every nook and cranny behind our lines!
Cascadian Partisan: This is our city, we’ll find ‘em.

  • Surrender plea is almost word-for-word for the one between Russian Lieutenant Colonel Ivan "Alik" Savin and Chechen security minster Turpal-Ali Atgeriyev during the First Battle of Grozny of the First Chechen War.
    • The allied soldier would've been voiced by "Miku."[1]
Mercenary Pilot: Tell me about it, there's still so many targets left! Said after "[sighs] I don't like this, we've all been blueballed." -

Pride of a Nation

Assumed to be the missing mission set right before the actual Mission 21, though these files were categorized under Mission 20. As explained in the mission's Behind the scenes section, this is supported by the odd presence of allies in the game files.

Dialogue File

Hitman 3 | Comic: Who's still up?! All callsigns to my frequency!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: I'm up!
Allied Pilot: Orion 3 and 5 reporting, what the hell was that?!
Mercenary Pilot: Mercenary pilot Zeryth calling in! Hell if I know, but half my wingmen just got toasted!
Allied Pilot: This is Stygian Lead, my entire squadron is gone!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Heads up, we've got inbound!
Allied Pilot: What do we do?!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Stand and fight! I can’t get a read on Galaxy, he’s out of action!

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Ah, I swear I've seen those fighters before!

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: I don't know if I can do this, Monarch...I'm braced...

Allied Pilot: Who are these guys?! Their planes aren't uniform!

Federation Peacekeeper: We will never let go.

Mercenary Pilot: Their planes are damaged, but hell, they're still fighting!

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Ah, these might be some sore losers we're squaring off against. Peacekeepers?
Allied Pilot: Looks like it!

Hitman 3 | Comic: I'm getting no other allied signal!
Allied Pilot: Presidia is burning!

Federation Peacekeeper: We know how they fight, let's not make the same mistake.

Allied Pilot: Again?! They would kill that many people to make a point?!

Federation Command: This is Federation command. Engaging fighter units, stand down.
Federation Peacekeeper: We don't take orders from the weak.

Mercenary Pilot: This is it!

Allied Pilot: We're going down! Hitman, it's just you!

Federation Peacekeeper: Enough with the trash. Now we have our targets.

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: We shot you down once, we can do it again, I'll shoot you dead this time.
Hitman 3 | Comic: You have no idea what we gain when we're finished with you.

Federation Peacekeeper: Take them apart just like how the Crown did to us.

Federation Peacekeeper: He told us to leave the Crown for himself.
Federation Peacekeeper: Then he can come and get him, this is personal to all of us!

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Eve, double check your IFF, please tell me it's not-
Hitman 3 | Comic: It's just us, damn it, it's just us.

Federation Peacekeeper: We will have our revenge against a pilot, not a rebellion.

Hitman 3 | Comic: Anyone else got eyes on the lead plane, can anyone ID it?
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Negative, I can't tell.

Hitman 3 | Comic: They're not flying like they want to survive!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Fine by me, line up, assholes, I'm sick and tired of this!

Federation Peacekeeper: This is for all of my wingmen, damn it!

Hitman 3 | Comic: Why are these assholes still fighting?!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: I could say the same for ourselves!

Federation Peacekeeper: Keep them separated from each other, if you can take a shot at the Crown, do it, he's only human.

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: If you can hear me, what the hell are you guys doing?! A ceasefire is in effect!
Federation Peacekeeper: Who's going to enforce it? No one's going to save you, mercenary.

  • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: [grunts] God-[grunts] Monarch...I can't keep up...I can't...I can't...
    • Hitman 1 WSO | Prez: I'm...sorry... [thud]
      • Hitman 3 | Comic: Prez? Prez?! Robin!
        • Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Sounds like she's out cold, God damn it!
          • Hitman 1 | Monarch: [typing sounds of weapons control transfer]

Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Halfway done!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Keep on them!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: This war is over, go home, damn it!

Federation Peacekeeper: God damn it, it's up to you now!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Huh?
Federation Peacekeeper: It's gonna be just up to him,
Federation Peacekeeper: I'm sorry.
Hitman 3 | Comic: All of them are down, are we clear?!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Negative, inbound hot, I can't do this, I can't do this!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Where is he, God damn it, where is he?!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: We should just cut it and-Oh God!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Dip is hit!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: I'm getting out of here, ejecting!
Hitman 2 | Diplomat: Not like this, I'm sorry!
Hitman 3 | Comic: Shit, come, you son of a-[screams]
Hitman 3 | Comic: God damn it, it’s up to you now, Monarch! Comic, punching ou-


Dialogue Notes File
Crimson 1: Even after Calamity, you fight against the only thing, the only order that can guarantee the safety of your people. Replaced by "Even after Calamity, you fight against the only order that can guarantee the safety of your people." -
Crimson 1: What do you have to show for yourself, mercenary? Blood and gold? A broken throne? Replaced by "What do you have to show for yourself, merc, blood? Gold? A broken throne?" -
Crimson 1: Do you know what you have taken from all Cascadians in the Federation?! Their home! And for what, to secede from the world?! You think you can fight this war against the world in 50 years' time, do you think history will see it your way?! Replaced by "The people of Cascadia, do you know what you've taken from them?! Their homes! And for what, to secede from the world?! What, you think you can fight this war again in 50 years' time, do you really think history will see it your way?!" -
Crimson 1: Do you even care why you're here...or do you just want me dead, to finish this? Replaced by "You don't even care why you're here!" -
Crimson 1: This is the choice you made me choose, death and destruction over the Federation, a million dead, so many ghosts... Kill me...or be killed! Replaced by "You drove me to this...this death and destruction over the Federation, millions of lives lost... [sighs] So many ghosts... Kill me...or be killed!". -
Crimson 1: I've almost killed him! Replaced by "Come on, I've almost got him!". -
Crimson 1: Come on, come closer, come in for that kill, you dog! Replaced by "Come on, come in for that kill, you dog!" -
Allied Pilot: This is Independence Force flight Ghost 1-0, flagging down mercenary contacts over Presidia and responding to distress calls. By the Dust...what happened? Said after "...remember me." -
The contract is complete. Funds meant for Sicario have now been distributed to your account and any survivors from your outfit. Alternate ending text. -
???: Keep your head down, who knows what will land near us! Said after "They're setting the sky on fire..." -
???: What the hell was that?! Said after "Transmitting a beacon. Dust Mother, he better pick this up…" -


Bottom of the Barrel

Dialogue Notes File

???: Join the Reserves they said, it'd be an easy way to get your kids through college they said, I'll beat that goddamned recruiter's ass when I get back home!
???: We're still technically active military, you know.
???: How about you technically shut your mouth!

Said during takeoff start. -
???: They're right on our tail! Said after "I didn't get dragged all the way up from Oceania for my orders to be questioned, carry them out." -
K-9B | Bookie: Watch it, these are regular Fed Air Force planes! Said before "What?!" -

Federation Pilot (saved):

  • By the Dust, thank you!
  • Right in the nick of time, RTB!
  • Woah, good stuff, I'm outta here!
  • Thank you!
  • You saved my ass, reservists!

Federation Pilot (downed):

  • Can't hold it together!
  • Ejecting!
  • Going down!
  • I'm going down!
  • I’m burning up!
  • I've been hit, going down!
  • I've lost control!
  • Oh God!
Supposed to be gameplay quotes. -
Federation Pilot: We've got more survivors inbound! Command called the retreat, but some of these dogs kept on following us across into Magadan! Said after "They flew all the way across the strait? These mercs must not be the smartest bunch." -
Federation Pilot: I'm getting tied up here, where are those reservists?! Said after "It's not supposed to be my problem, they went all in on a dogfight!" -
K-9D | Brick: Are you surprised? He's responsible for half of our district's speeding tickets!
  • K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: I always pegged you for a fireman or a cop, you know, not some hotshot track jockey, color me surprised.
Said after "Right? Look at Driver, he's a natural!" -
  • K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: Keep racking them up, Driver!
Phase 2 alternate start line -
Federation Pilot: I think Trotsky did!? Said after "Negative, unknown!" -

AWACS | Vita: Driver, scratch one!
Mercenary Ace: What?! Lousy son of a-
K-9C | Cobb: Yeah, yeah, keep running your mouth!
K-9D | Brick: Bear down on them!
PK Cascadia | Crimson 1: Does Crimson need to support?
K-9B | Bookie: I think we've got this, just get outta here!
PK Cascadia | Crimson 7: [pause] There'll be another time, Commander.
PK Cascadia | Crimson 1: Oh, there will be, Sev, there will be.

Mercenary Ace: Knock off the cocky bit, we've got a dogfight on our hands!
Mercenary Ace Leader: Seems like there's one doing all the heavy lifting.
Mercenary Ace: Do you think...?
Mercenary Ace Leader: Don't even, we're killing them here!

AWACS | Vita: Come on, K-9, finish this!
K-9D | Brick: Whole lotta faith you got in us now, eh?

Mercenary Ace: You call that piloting?!

Said after shooting down a Thorn Rose. -
PK Cascadia | Crimson 1: Peacekeeper Squadron Crimson, regroup, we need to get back to Cascadia. Replaced by "Crimson Squadron, regroup, we need to get back to Cascadia." -
Cascadia HQ | ???: I disagree, Stardust, this is an opportunity. Replaced by "I disagree, Griffiths, this is an opportunity." -
AWACS | Vita: You're under my command now until Magadan is safe and the Federation Military on this side of the Pacific reorganizes to perform their defensive duties. Said after "According to the statutes enshrined in the Federation Charter and the joint articles of defense as issued by the parties between the Magadan Territories and the Pacific Federation, Magadan's Reserve Divisions are being mobilized and federalized." -

Home Invasion

Dialogue Notes File
AWACS | Vita: We may not be able to stop the Cascadians from landing entirely; however, we cannot let them have free reign and an open beachhead. Said after "K-9, you are needed in the air immediately to cripple the enemy landing operations." -

K-9C | Cobb: It was nice of the Cascadians to give us one week to settle back into being a fighter pilot.
K-9B | Bookie: Yeah, going from presence patrols to a full-on invasion, real nice of them.
K-9C | Cobb: It's not like flying planes is hard, right?
K-9B | Bookie: I'm in the business of not questioning what happens to me, Cobb, I just leave it all to Lady Luck, really.
K-9D | Brick: For a non-betting man, you talk a lot like one, Bookie.

K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: Driver, you got any idea at all why you require a WSO? If you weren't flying this thing, I wouldn't be out here.
K-9B | Bookie: Maybe he's just used to the company, I hear the rally car circuits have two-man cars.
K-9C | Cobb: What's the problem, girl? Misery loves company.
K-9D | Brick: I didn't know that we were miserable, Cobb.
K-9C | Cobb: I definitely ain't happy.

AWACS | Vita: K-9, cut the chatter.
ATC: K-9A, you have the runway, takeoff when ready.

Takeoff dialogue. -
Cascadian Marines: We've got multiple staging points already established, keep bringing manpower in while the enemy has no air cover! Said after "Don't get cocky, we've got Feds inbound!" -
Cascadian Marines: We faced down the Federation's best before, we can take these jokers on! Said after "Move it, these are the backwater troops we're dealing with, you have nothing to fear!" -
Federation Defenses: This is Division H, they've made it inside the perimeter! Said after "Fix bayonets!" -
Federation Defenses: Use all your ammo, we're not taking this stuff with us! Said after "They're on the other side of the wall!" -

Cascadian Marines: Get the recoilless guns up to hit those pillboxes!
Cascadian Marines: Burn them out!

Federation Defenses: Enough running. Anyone who wants to stand and fight, with me!

AWACS | Vita: Forces are holding so far.
K-9B | Bookie: What's the strike price, Vita?
AWACS | Vita: The what?
K-9B | Bookie: When are we pulling out? The Cascadians have a whole lot more than what they have on the field, and we can't keep doing this.
AWACS | Vita: The directive right now is to keep fighting until we can ascertain the Cascadian plans.
K-9B | Bookie: So we're just throwing shit at the fan, got it.

Mercenary AWACS: Bombers maintain course.
Mercenary Pilot: We're not being paid enough for escort duty.

Federation Defenses: Incoming bombers! Into your foxholes!

Cascadian Marines: When the flyboys start dropping bombs, move in pace with their strikes!

Federation Defenses: Hold fast!

Mercenary Bomber: Faust wants us to start the aerial bombing campaign as soon as possible, with the air corridor underneath our control, we can keep a constant cycle of bombing groups going.

Mercenary Bomber: Where are the escorts?! Those planes are on our ass!

Cascadian Marines: As long as Faust pulls through with support, we'll be fine, keep pushing!
Cascadian Marines: The further we push here, the less Cascadia will have to deal with!

Federation Defenses: Faust, Faust, Faust, I keep hearing this goddamn name over the channels.
Federation Defenses: One of the Cascadian volunteers from the last war, the woman responsible for starving Oceania into submission, she and Elizabeth took their chunk out of that continent.

Federation Defenses: Half of our defense garrison are in plainclothes.
Federation Defenses: These are Divisions L through O; even in wartime, we're slated as support for the support, nothing like this.
Federation Defenses: Almost all of us were just civilians hours ago, hell, even the defense CO is still wearing his apron from work!

AWACS | Vita: I can't help but notice listening to the chatter you Magadanes don't sound too different from Cascadians, why is that?
K-9D | Brick: Our ancestors were refugees from what is now Cascadia during the Calamity, they figured it better to cross the ocean than go east apparently, ain't too much difference between them and us. [pause] What a goddamn shame.

Cascadian Marines: We're clear up to Point Nevada, keep the forces rolling up to clear the beachhead!
Federation Defenses: Overwatch positions are reporting enemy force recon are pushing past the frontline.
Federation Ground Reserve CO: Send out the Hunter Trackers and the hunds.
AWACS | Vita: K-9, keep up the combat support.

Federation Defenses: Just hang in there, D-3, air support will respond soon!

Federation Defenses: Shoot, shoot, keep them pinned down!

Federation Defenses: Get up and get fighting, the enemy won't care if this is your first time or not!
Federation Defenses: I need to get out of here!

Federation Defenses: Are we fighting to lose, sir?
Federation Ground Reserve CO: Do you think I want to lose here, trooper? I'm presiding over the defense of the Federation itself!

K-9C | Cobb: If it's not AA fire or SAMs, it's these mercenary punks!
K-9B | Bookie: Driver doesn't seem to mind it all that much, right?
K-9D | Brick: Yeah, he's a natural alright.

Cascadian Marines: Enemy defenses are dug in into the city, we can't strike back unless we hit it!
Cascadian Marines: Mark it for a fire mission, Faust has backup on the way!

Federation Defenses: Keep drawing them back, they're getting tired out!

Federation Ground Reserve CO: Air support is doing well so far, get their AWACS to send my regards if this keeps up.

Cascadian Marines: Quit your running, you're just gonna die tired, Feds!

Federation Defenses: Get on the firing line, use those positions while we've still got them!

Mercenary Pilot: K-9, huh? And they call us the wild dogs.
Mercenary Pilot: C'mere, Fed, we're putting you down!

Federation Defenses: Units from D and E Division are reporting a stall in the enemy offensive, credits air support.
Federation Ground Reserve CO: That's what I'm talking about, keep folding units into each other if they're undermanned.

AWACS | Vita: Bombers keep piling through, K-9, keep on them!

Federation Defenses: Shoot, through the smoke, they're just down the trenchline!
Federation Defenses: I’m working on it!

Cascadian Marines: When did you all decide to fight back?!

Federation Ground Reserve CO: The enemy's angle of attack is limited, use it to our advantage and get survivors from B and A to fold into D and E, we can hold this!
K-9B | Bookie: Are we actually making a difference?

Federation Defenses: We know this land, bury them in the snow!

Federation Defenses: Hunter Trackers report they found a force recon group 300 meters from this position, all KIA now.
Federation Ground Reserve CO: Probably just overeager spec ops, keep hunting and securing our perimeter, we can't deal with a compromised back line.

Said after "Good, unload ammo and put the wounded on, we'll start sooner rather than later with the pullout." -

Federation Defenses: E-6, E-6, if you copy, you're provisional ground command now, organize the order of who's rolling back and when.
Federation Defenses (E-6): Why me?!
Federation Defenses: You're a manager at MADB, you're the closest thing we've got to an officer, now do it!
Federation Defenses (E-6): Keep up the defenses, then, we'll start with the frontline units and the wounded. Second line and artillery, stand fast!

Cascadian Marines: They've started to capitulate, push the offensive!

Cascadian Marines: Tag and bag any survivors and send them to the political officer, I'm sure she'll want to get her hands on them for intel.

Cascadian Marines: Is the Federation worth dying for?! Put down your guns!
Federation Defenses: Screw you, I hope Cascadia burns!

Federation Defenses: Keep the rolling barrages through every phase line behind Foxtrot, their frontline is strong, but we can keep their reinforcements off for the moment.

K-9C | Cobb: Peacekeepers, airships, nukes, something, anything, don't we have anything else?!
K-9B | Bookie: The Cascadians declared war at the worst time in Federation history, there's about a dozen different uprisings and conflicts happening in the Periphery right now that's tying up our main forces that aren't in Cascadia.
K-9D | Brick: Well, it's either lose the Periphery or lose a state that's right next to the Core, I'm sure Crystal Kingdom will make the right choice.

Cascadian Marines: Get to that breach in the defenses, put a 40 mike in it if you have to!

Federation Defenses: Line X-ray just got obliterated!
Federation Defenses: Get a crossfire from L-4 going!

Church of Dust | Echo: And so the bridge is opened by Her children's grasp. Raise Him up from the womb and let there be fire. May the Dust Mother see us today.

AWACS | Vita: E-6, I've opened up the way out of the AO, supporting forces will shepherd you home once you're out of active engagement.
Federation Defenses (E-6): Copy all, we've almost medevaced all the wounded we can, we'll begin the main force retreat ASAP.

Cascadia | Captain Woodward: Status on the forward picket?
Cascadia | CIFS Eminent Domain: Moving into blocking positions now, but the incoming weather is making conditions choppy.
Cascadia | Captain Woodward: I see, radio over to Faust's callsign and tell her she better get as much manpower and gear on the beaches now, I'd hate to land during a storm.
Cascadia | CIFS Eminent Domain: Aye, Captain.

Mercenary Pilot: AWACS, storm is rolling in imminent, I don't want to be caught out in the cold without a place to land.
Mercenary AWACS: Don't complain, we're pulling you out soon anyway. Anyone who can, the Antares is waiting Whiskey Station. Everyone else, get back to Rowsdower.

Cascadian Marines: Move out to that next position and begin to hunker down, we're holding here tonight! I know some of you grew up in Denali, but we can't afford to push during a snowstorm!

Federation Defenses: Everyone has their orders and their fallback conditions.
Federation Defenses: Don't break from it, if you do, people will die getting shot in the back.
Federation Defenses: Crystal clear? Good.
Federation Defenses: All Actuals, I'm calling the retreat.
Federation Defenses: K-9, request further assistance.
AWACS | Vita: Roger. K-9, remain on station and escort the forces out.

K-9C | Cobb: Here comes the snow...

  • Said after "Poke your head out, I couldn't get what you said!"
  • Cobb's last line is a reference to Larry "Pixy" Foulke's opening quote in his boss fight in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.
PK Ulaanbaatar | Steel: Yes, sir. Said after "Steel, engage." -
Federation Defenses (E-6): The ships are one thing, but if I learned anything in Henderson, it's that no one's going to gamble their gear fighting in a Magadane storm. Replaced by "The ships are one thing, but if I learned anything in the firm, it's that no one's going to gamble their gear fighting in a Magadane storm." -
Cascadian Ship: Fill the sky with lead! Said after "It's the reservists who are giving us the most trouble the entire day, screw the Peacekeepers!" -
K-9D | Brick: Hey, for Driver, I'm sure that's an opportunity down the line.
K-9B | Bookie: I don't even want to think about down the line... Damn it, I just lost everything I owned. It hasn't hit me yet, but...Christ. Let's get back on solid ground.
Said after "Yeah, right, I'm not reupping on the next contract if this is how it's gonna go from now on." -


Dialogue Notes File

K-9D | Brick: It's strange, you know, sleeping at these barracks and not at home.
K-9C | Cobb: Shut up, Brick, I'm still trying to sleep here before the briefing...
K-9D | Brick: No, I mean, really, [Cobb groans] I joined the Reserves because I could stay in bed in my own home, and you know, businesses owned by servicemembers always had their perks. I joined because I was a little selfish, yeah, but...I dunno, feels like karma we're all stuck in this mess.
K-9B | Bookie: Karma, luck, cosmic fate, and destiny...yeah, I get that, in the job I worked at, you tend to see the world through those types of things.
K-9D | Brick: Yeah?
K-9B | Bookie: Yeah, even if you count your cards, you've still got a lot stacked against you, house always wins after all. If you take your lucky streaks in stride, you best be able to take all the bad luck too, least that's what I think. Maybe our good luck was being born Feds, and our bad luck is now fighting for it. [pause] You said your kid plays chess, right?

Pre-briefing dialogue. -
K-9C | Cobb: Oh, thank God, I didn't want to listen to any of this shit. [questioning hum by Vita] Said after "K-9, your orders have come through." -
AWACS | Vita: With weather conditions being as they are, this is our only way to nail the enemy. Said after "You can expect heavy enemy anti-air yourself as you strike their positions, but we have confidence in your abilities." -

K-9B | Bookie: You got a stick up your ass today, Cobb?
K-9C | Cobb: Look, I've been away from my kids for half a month now and for some reason, the Federation thinks we're the best solution to the Cascadian problem on this side of the Pacific, I think I deserve to be a little peeved.
K-9B | Bookie: This is just how the chips fall, these types of things you can't really bet on.
K-9D | Brick: Hey, now more than ever we're making a difference.

K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: Still not happy, Cobb?
K-9C | Cobb: I'm never happy.
K-9B | Bookie: Well, good thing cobbler isn't exactly the most social of professions.
K-9D | Brick: I got a pair of work boots I wouldn't mind getting looked at when we get back from this.
K-9C | Cobb: Add it to the backlog, Brick, I'm gonna be behind for weeks when we get deactivated.

AWACS | Vita: K-9, cut the chatter.
ATC: K-9A, you have the runway, takeoff when ready.

Takeoff dialogue. -

Cascadian Marines: We have to buy as much time for Faust to do what she needs to do!

Said after "We're one of the most forward units, if we lose our momentum, this invasion stalls!" -

Cascadian Marines: Shut up and just keep shooting!

Said after "I though we had air control!" -

Mercenary Pilot: Shut up and engage, they're coming in hot!

Said after "What do you think I'm doing?!" -

Federation Bomber: At least there's no flak guns.
Federation Bomber: We get shot down, we get shot down, what's the difference between flak or a missile?

Said after "Damn it, can we have one victory without that being true?" -

Federation | Airship Lanzelet: Let's show them what these airships are all about!

Said after the Bombers arrive -

Cascadian Marines: Oh shit, they’re here!

Said after "Lanzelet beginning descent to orbit point." -

Federation | Airship Lanzelet: Ready!

Said after "Lanzelet descending below the cloud layer. All gunners cleared to engage all hostiles; 105s, 37s, miniguns, AA, AGMs, and railguns are cleared hot!" -

Cascadian Marine Officer: Ma’am, I...

Said after "Come on, Driver, let's get in there." -

Federation Ground Forces: These reservists were able to hold their ground, but now, it's up to us!
Federation Ground Forces: Let's show them what the Federation Military can do!

Said after "No, it's easier, we're not being graded." -

Express Lane

Dialogue Notes File
AWACS | Vita: Driver, I'm sure you are well-aware that you have been a standout pilot to the Federation in these extraordinary times, though I am sure you know your station given the nature of your service; you're a reservist, and thus, in the eyes of certain elements of military command, of less integral weight to the ongoing conflict. Said after "Of the many offensive plans being drafted up, there is one that is...inspired, and due to the nature of the situation, we are going through with it." -
Federation | SOF Section 4-4 (Actual): Driver, now, I don't know too much about you, the Intelligence Ministry doesn't keep too much of a tab on the reservists. That being said, your name came up a lot in car insurance claims in this area, so I'm led to believe you know more than most what our AO looks like. Said after "I'll let our Special Forces liaison explain:" -
Federation | SOF Section 4-4 (Actual): My unit just happened to have been on leave in Magadan when this all hit, and so, we've had ample time to pick the Cascadians’ brains on what the hell is going on when we catch them off guard. Said after "This is Highway 1, least the start of it: It's the infrastructure project which intends to connect the entire Federation from Magadan all the way out to Byzantium; unfortunately, the Cascadian frontline overtakes quite a bit of it in Magadan." -
Federation | SOF Section 4-4 (Actual): You see where I'm going with this? Said after "The main command base that is maintaining cohesion behind their frontline isn't too far from one of the planned exit ramps on Highway 1." -
Federation | SOF Section 4-4 (Actual): I'll be heading out now with my operators, when you get close, we'll be marking and opening the exit ramp for you. Said after "If you pull this off, it'll expedite everything including whether or not K-9 can stand down." -

Cascadian Marines: Why aren't we using their highways for transit? It would seem awfully handy.
Cascadian Marines: We're moving fast enough aboveground and GHQ is very wary of turning that highway into a battlefield, turns out half of it was built with Cascadian investment a few years back.

Said after "Weather Update: ERROR ERROR ERROR with high cordium concentration. Have your Level-6 or above safety mask available for aboveground travel, thank you!" -
Cascadian Marines: Don't worry, Faust's command staff is gathering today at the main base, I'm sure they'll think of something. Said after "I know it's good that we've fought the Feds to a standstill here, but the more we wait in place, the more of their regular forces are coming." -

Highway 1 PA System AI: This section of Highway 1 is currently adopted by: Kuo Mart, where we're all family!
Kuo Mart | Advertisement: In Heijō, when you need to make a quick trip for dinner after a long day of work, where do you go? Kuo Mart! In Heijō, who do they call when they're throwing a party for the lunar new year and they need the best platters, the best decorations, and the best catering? Kuo Mart! In Heijō, with all the bustle of living in the city, when the good working citizens need someone they can rely on for always available homegoods at affordable prices, do you know who they think of? Kuo Mart! My family has made it their life's goal to serve not only the Federation, but everyday people, and now, we're expanding to several locations in Magadan, New Wilhelm, Kanto, Manchuria, and even Cascadia, so when you need a dependable family market to serve your everyday needs, I think you know who to call, or else my name isn't Robin Kuo!

Highway 1 PA System AI: In two minutes, next off-ramp! The Caverns Rest Stop is now: Closed. Thank you for your understanding!

Said after "Did you know that starting this year, dangerous drivers will be automatically caught and ticketed by high-speed cameras? Failure to pay delivered fines to your registered address may result in jail time." -
Highway 1 PA System AI: Did you know ever since the completion of Highway 1, traffic accidents in the Magadan region have steadily fallen to a ten-year low? Said during last stretch of tunnel flight. -
Federation | Crystal Kingdom: Operation Bloodlet is go, the Magadan Front is open. Said after "K-9A, all targets eliminated! This is AWACS Vita to all frontline units, the head has been cut off, I repeat, the head has been cut off." -
K-9B | Bookie: Driver, you wouldn't believe the odds on-base today on you actually getting through that tunnel, here's your take! God knows when we get out of this whole reservist thing, I'm always betting on you on your races. Said after "Vita‘s so far up his ass with coordinating the counteroffensive right now that he didn't even have time to debrief you, so, uh...hey." -

Magadan Front

Dialogue Notes File

K-9C | Cobb: One helluva battle coming up for us.
K-9B | Bookie: With regular support, I'm sure it won't be that bad.
K-9C | Cobb: [grumbles] Sure... Man, I wonder what happened to the rest of the reserve fighter pilots, it'd be pretty damn sad if we are literally the only four.
K-9B | Bookie: You know, I don't mind, maybe all of the hazard pay and medals will go to us at the end of it.
K-9D | Brick: Don't count on it, kid, it'd make the higher-ups look bad if we were somehow the best pilots on this side of the Pacific.
ATC: K-9, takeoff clearance granted.

K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: A driver, a cobbler, a bookie, a bricklayer, and an IT professional all walk into a hangar one day...
K-9D | Brick: Yeah, what's the punchline?
K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: They become fighter pilots.
K-9B | Bookie: Hey, I think we did well for ourselves.
K-9C | Cobb: We're doing well for ourselves, we're not dead yet.
K-9D | Brick: We'll see how this battle turns out first, but hey, we get through this, we get to go back home.
K-9C | Cobb: We get to go home...
AWACS | Vita: Tower?
ATC: Right. K-9A, you have the runway, good luck out there.

Takeoff dialogue. -
K-9D | Brick: That's why she pushed so far inland, to buy space for her sabotage. Said after "General Faust's intention for invading Magadan hasn't been to take territory, it's been to destroy all of Magadan's geothermal and cordium industry." -
Federation Ground Forces: Forces are stalling out. Said after "Where the hell are the mercenaries?!" -
Cascadian Marines: I repeat, we're sitting du-! Said after "Black Eagle, we are taking heavy damage from the Federation air support overhead, please advise!" -
Federation RTO: Brock to all Brock Elements, deal with hazards as they arise, we have to drive the Cascadians into the ocean. Said after "Damn it, we have to keep pushing while we have the momentum..." -
Federation RTO: Brock Charlie and Echo are on the timeline, setting up crossfire positions now. Said after "What could be wrong?" -
Cascadian Marines: I miss the snow, at least when my barrel overheated, I could just dump some on! Replaced by "We can't just sit here, send our screening frigates out to the shore!" -
K-9B | Bookie: Way ahead of you, bud. Said after "Don't let K-9 steal the show, they'll make us regulars look bad." -
???: You're all fascist imperialist animals! Said after "Proceed on pace." -
Cascadia | CIFS Eminent Domain (Male): I repeat, the provisional commander of Cascadian forces in Magadan wishes to speak with the Federation Commander currently engaged in battle at these transmitted coordinates. Said after "ALCON, ALCON, ALCON, this is the warship Eminent Domain on all channels flagging using the keycomm codes inherited from the FNS Jerusalem, hailing all Pacific Federation channels requesting communique with the commanding officer of Federation forces in Magadan." -
Cascadia | Captain Woodward: Please, we will return this ship to you if you let the Marines leave. Said after "Whether you retreat or fight today, the outcome is the same." -


Dialogue Notes File
K-9B | Bookie: It's easy. You know, to think that, we're all guilty of it, I see it all the time at the casino I work at, you see people fall into this trap of getting on a "hot streak" or something superstitious like that. I have a name for it, it's called getting lost in the sauce. Cobb's got the right idea, we all need to go home before we become regulars. Said after "I think you and Driver were born for this life, Cobb, you've both got enough fire in you to keep on fighting." -

K-9C | Cobb: How long did Oceania last again? Year? Year and a half?
K-9D | Brick: Two if you count the cleanup, if you're talking about when the Fed Military stopped completely occupying, about six years, 13 if you're counting when the Maester turned up dead.
K-9B | Bookie: Yeah, and look at us giving the Cascadians the boot in a month, I say that's some good pace, Goddamn pricks.
AWACS | Vita: The war will go on, K-9, Cascadia will be brought to heel, your privilege is that you've done your service here and not across the Pacific.
K-9D | Brick: Yeah? Is that where you're heading next, Vita?
AWACS | Vita: Oceania's Peacekeeper Squadron will link up with me next week. I do admit you will be setting the standard for them.

K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: Andrei Kasper, Joan Colt, Elias Von Romansky, and...well, I already know your name, Driver.
K-9C | Joan Colt: Any reason for the roll call, Eye-Tee? Or should I rather say Naren Fujio?
K-9A WSO | Naren Fujio: Yeah, yeah, don't wear it out, just getting them listed down so we can add each other for business connections later on. If you think war is stressful, let me tell you about IT work, I think being a war hero should get me a better job somewhere, maybe with Icarus Armories even.
K-9D | Elias Von Romansky: Don't, they never pay their landscapers or contractors on time, they're a wash.
K-9B | Andrei Kasper: Half my portfolio is in Icarus and their holdings, war is always good for business.
K-9D | Elias Von Romansky: Andrei, if you ever get burned by your unsustainable career, come swing by, I'm sure you'll enjoy having a real job for once.
AWACS | Vita: Continuing service in the military is also an option.
K-9C | Cobb: Like hell it is.

AWACS | Vita: K-9A, takeoff. With any luck, this'll be your last sortie.

Takeoff dialogue. -

- Overview of the battlefield, in the distance, a D-Day like naval formation. -
AWACS | Vita: K-9, you're entering the AO now. Faust destroyed pretty much every geothermal or cordium facility except this one: Base Station Zero.
K-9D | Brick: This monstrosity powers much of the Pacific's eastern seaboard, God knows it's being overworked now with the Cascadian grid being cut off.
K-9C | Cobb: How's it still running, then? I thought the Feds evacuated almost every civilian in this part of Magadan when the invasion happened.
K-9D | Brick: These facilities are heavily automated, no one wants to see what happens if one of these things fails while the geothermal conduits are being tapped into.
K-9B | Bookie: Think there's a risk of a runaway cordium reaction?
K-9D | Brick: If this facility gets taken out? Yeah.

Alternate intro. -
Mercenary Ace (Male): Damn it, guess we're clocking out. Go choke on- After shooting down all initial mercenaries. -
Cascadian Airship Crew: Make sure we don't cross into each other's apogee! Said after "All batteries, free engagement!" -
Cascadia | General Faust: Starve the beast! Said after "Give it everything you've got, we will make the Federation eat itself alive!" -
Cascadian Airship Crew: We've lost half of our ships! Said after "We have multiple casualties onboard, operational capacity is dropping." -

Federation Ground Forces: Railguns are charged!
Federation | Officer (Provisional): Shoot them, melt the batteries if you have to, we have to help K-9!

Cascadian Airship Crew: Incoming railgun fire! Send it back at them!

Said after "Even crashing these airships into them won't be enough, concentrate all aft firepower!" -
K-9C | Cobb: Watch where you're shooting those railguns! Said after "We're sending them back to the Calamity!" -
Cascadia | General Faust: Intensify all firepower! Said after "I'm gonna make you all die cold and alone!" -
Cascadian Airship Crew: We welcome the Calamity, return us! Said after "This named after the Last Forefather, we shall them!" -

Federation | Officer: Stand down, I won't let you carry out these orders!
PKP | Commander: Captain Flowers - that's your name, right? - if we don't show the rebels absolute terror, we will lose this war, step aside.
Federation | Officer: Over my dead body, I won't be the officer responsible for making this call!
PKP | Commander: Stand down, Captain!
Federation | Officer: You're gonna have to kill me! [sound of five gunshots]

  • Said after "Grab ammo from the batteries that have been knocked out!"
  • Glitched out except for the gunshots.
  • Archive recording from Consequence of Power indicative of plot concurrence.

AWACS | Vita: Thermal signature rising...? I've got seismic stations across the board pinging. What the-? [cuts off]

  • K-9A WSO | Eye-Tee: All my sensors are blowing out!

Federation Ground Forces: The roads are cracking up!
K-9D | Brick: Vita just went off radar!
K-9B | Bookie: What's going on?!
Federation | Officer (Provisional): The's receding?!
K-9D | Brick: Oh my God...

K-9C | Cobb: We're going home...

Extended ending dialogue. -