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Pacific Federation

Iris 1

This character was mentioned in cut dialogue for the Chainlink demo mission.

Cerulean 2 through 5 and Celeste Squadron

These flights featured in the Pillars of Communications demo, taking off from the Solana Communications Array airbase. Cerulean 2 has a male voice.

Danya Engineering

Danya Engineering was the original manufacturer of all MG- prefix aircraft (though their prefix was NG-) before being replaced by Magadan Defense below.

Wei Design Corp

Wei Design Corp produced the FC.2M/W-10B/X-10B.

Magadan Defense

Magadan Defense made all of the MG- prefix aircraft in earlier versions of the game before being patched out.


Stormchaser appeared in the cut Sea of Calamity mission as primary targets.


This squadron appeared in World Shell. Their AI is no more skilled than the average enemy fighter.

Blue Squadron in Mission 8

The squadron was going to be established to have reappeared again escorting AWACS Moseley and AWACS Scimitar, featuring numbered members Blue 3 to 7.

As of Patch 2.0.11, they were readded along with AWACS dialogue.


Sapphire was one of the Federation pilots in Mission 15.

Falken 1-1

This unit reported running out of ammunition and being overrun during the midtown Endgame phase of Presidia.


This was apparently a Federation defensive position in Presidia, which fell in the midtown Endgame phase.

Cascadian Independence Force

Bezerker 0-1

This unit reported that the midtown Endgame phase was open for invasion.


He was an IFV driver who was sent to parking garages to pacify defenses in office buildings.

Sunyi and the priest

The first one was a field medic who treated wounded, and the priest gave last rites to some dying soldiers. They were given cover in the downtown Endgame phase; both were male characters.

Orion 5 and Stygian Lead

These two CIF pilots were among the few remaining allies operational after the Presidian Disaster. Stygian Lead lost his entire squadron They were shot down along with Hitman Team's allies by the renegade Federation Peacekeepers led by Crimson 1. Stygian Lead was voiced by Trent Martin.

Ghost 1-0

This flight was supposed to appear in the aftermath of Mission 21, pinging Monarch's IFF and being the first to respond to distress calls from the now-burning Presidia. This pilot sounded appalled at the what was wrought on Presidia.


Sadorf and Retraso

These two characters appear to be Ronin members. They were ordered to take fireteams to clear out floors to give Monarch more leeway in midtown Endgame.



Zeryth was one of the few remaining allies after the Presidian Disaster. They reported half their wingmen were shot down, and were later downed.

Republic of Taygene

This country operated the SV-37 at some point as its mainline fighter before phasing it out.

Norden Co.

Norden Co. produced the SV-37 according to demo descriptions. It presumably hails from Taygene above.


  • "Zelenyy" translates to "Green" in Russian and is made up of eight members like Crimson Team, so it is possible they were meant to be the Peacekeeper squadron assigned to Magadan. Their presence and shootdown may also be related to the Mission 13/14 briefing depiction of the Magadan invasion by the CIF and the Files Archive passage about the loss of numerous Peacekeepers in the Cascadian Conflict.
  • Blue 3 through 7 may be a reference to Mobius 3 through 7 from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, with blue colors as similar identifiers.