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This article contains unreleased, cut, or non-canon material.
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Some game modifiers were cut from Project Wingman. Note that some of the descriptions are vague.

List of game modifiers

Modifier Description
Archaic Systems You can only see enemy target indicator from a certain angle.
Analogue No HUD.
Ace Instincts Radar is disabled/Cockpit radar only shows direction of enemy/No missile direction indicator.
Fireworks Pilots will celebrate their retirement.
Lightshow Death is not the end of their efforts.
Heavy Weight Enemy health is doubled.
Over Budget Enemy vessels only come equipped with advanced weaponry.
Slug-fest Half maneuverability stats, same goes for the enemy.
Boss Rush Only boss-like units will spawn.
Salvation Game over is forgiven.
Dogfighter Major air unit presence.
Ground Tenderizer Major ground unit presence.
Extreme Fishing Major naval presence.


  • Ace Instincts/Analogue and Boss Rush may have been replaced by Cordium Interference and Ace Training due to being too difficult/similar.
  • Dogfighter, Ground Tenderizer, and Extreme Fishing may have been rolled into Double Time.