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The G-10 features 12,000 gun ammunition akin to the SP-34R. It has no landing gear and is therefore useless for takeoff and landing sequences.

This aircraft was supposed to unlock after Mission 6.


The F/E-15 features no missiles nor special weapons nor landing gear nor cockpit view and only features the F/C-15 Federation Air Force skin. Its engines are also blank. The aircraft was supposed to unlock after Mission 14.


The RF-1 is blank, including its cockpit, it reuses the landing gears from the F/E-18 and it features weapons. It was supposed to be unlocked after Mission 9.


The Sk.47 is mostly unfinished, including its cockpit, though its landing gear has been completed. It was supposed to be unlocked after Mission 10.


The Sk.57 is mostly unfinished; doesn't feature a cockpit nor missiles nor special weapons nor a landing gear. Its gameplay model is also an unfinished F/C-16, whose low-poly model was for unknown reasons merged with the Sk.57's hangar model. The aircraft was supposed to unlock after Mission 17.


The X/Z-16 resembles the F/C-16 with twin canted vertical stabilizers, and unlike other cut aircraft, it is nearly complete except for the cockpit's exterior, which shows a plain white craft. Its skins are shared with the aforementioned aircraft, minus the markings.


The UF-22 is a fighter that only appears in the beta Conquest mode versions of Project Wingman. It seems that the UF-22 was later replaced by the VX-23 in the final game, and therefore cannot be accessed through conventional means.


The FC.2M, aka the W-10B, was a multirole that was originally going to appear in Project Wingman, but it was cut from the final game for unknown reasons despite it being shown in trailers and teasers and cannot be played through conventional means. Its cockpit is mostly complete except for its lack of lighting.


The F/T-15 is a trainer aircraft, mostly complete except for its markless ASG paint job and unfinished cockpit. It is similar in design to the F/S-15.


The F/C-18 was mentioned in the demo description of the F/E-18.


The F/Z-18 only appears in the demos as an AI-controlled enemy aircraft. It featured a SAM attachment which enabled it to fire missiles backwards. In the game files, it was identified as the F-18ADV, perhaps alluding to the F/A-18I Hornet ADV from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


Suriname-class air carrier

The Suriname-class air carrier would have been the resident airship carrier of the game. Like the aircraft carrier, it can deploy a pair of F/D-14s, replenishing them with every loss. It is visually similar to the Littoria-class air battlecruiser with a flight deck on its upper fuselage and features three cordium engines.


The Condor is a massive W-shaped wing airship with a ten-kilometer-long wingspan, vastly dwarfing all other airships combined to the point it would have been outright impossible to fly without the cordium engines. It features the largest arsenal of weapons ever seen as well, though is mostly unfinished, having no faction-specific paint jobs. It also has the most engines, totaling ten large ones. When a Condor is shot down, however, it does not crash into the ground, only float off in the air.


Picture Weapon Full name Role Ammo Reload (in seconds) Description Lock-on range (in feet) Maximum salvo (projectiles)/lock-on stacking

STDM-2 Standard Missile - Dual Volley Multi-Purpose 64 18 Standard, universal missile. Fires at targets in pairs. 2800 2(2)/2

HMAA Hyper-Maneuverable Anti-Air Missiles Anti-Air 8 12 Highly maneuverable anti-air missile with advanced tracking. Ideal for dogfighting. 3000 2(1)/1
ADM Anti-Defense Missile Anti-Ground 16 30 Long-range anti-ground missile, meant to take out anti-air defenses chiefly. 14000 1(1)/1
BDU-16 Bomb Dispenser Unit Anti-Ground - Unguided 12 30 Freefall bomb dispenser. Useful for large ground target spreads. - 6(-)/-

GBS Guided Bomb Anti-Ground 22 12 Pinpoint lock-on bombs. 5000 6(1)/1
GBS-3 Guided Bomb - Multi-Lock Anti-Ground 22 12 Pinpoint multi-lock bombs. Fires at up to three targets simultaneously. 4000 6(3)/3
- RGS Railgun - Stealth Multi-Purpose - Prototype 30 30 Electromagnetic/cordium-powered cannon. Can pierce ship defenses. - 1 (1)/-
- EUBM Experimental Uranium Burst Missile Multi-Purpose 1 - Nuclear weapon. Lock on. Highly reccomend being outside of the blast radius upon detonation. 15000 1(1)/1

SR-2 Standoff Rocket - Dual Volley Anti-Ground - Unguided 40 25 Single unguided rocket. Massive damage. Two projectiles per launch. - 2(1)/-
- CBL Cluster Bomb - Large Anti-Ground - Unguided 184 6 Cluster bomb. Drops multiple bombs in a random pattern. - 2(1)/-

Behind the scenes

Abi Rahmani has stated that the Suriname-class was scrapped as its design was aerodynamically unfeasible, and that he is considering redesigning it for a future update (at least for Conquest mode) or even a sequel. The Condor, however, was just him playing with scales and pushing the limits of airship design.[1]


The CBL and the EUBM will have little to no damage or detailed model.