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"We’ve got hostiles! Jameson, bring us the SAMs! Our Air Force is doing jack!"
― A Federation armored unit[1]

Surface-to-Air Missiles (commonly shortened to SAM) are anti-aircraft weapons fired from the ground or vehicles, in which a radar-guided missile seeks and destroys an aircraft or airship. On their own, SAMs are usually stationary defense emplacements.

Description and applications

There are five types of SAM launchers, each with varying ammunition, damage, and range:

  • Standard SAMs, which are commonplace and deal standard damage.
  • Micro-SAMs (M-SAM), which launch micromissiles that deal less damage but pursue their targets in swarms.
  • Long-range SAMs (L-SAM) with longer range and better maneuvering in addition to the standard damage. Advanced SAMs (ADV-SAM/ADVSAM) function similarly, but are much rarer.
  • Man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS/MANPAD) are shoulder-launched SAMs carried by infantry units.

Despite being as fragile as AA guns, these air defenses, especially in large numbers, can be very dangerous, and therefore must be destroyed as quickly as possible, recommended with MLAGs. All airship and naval ship types equip them.


  • All stationary ground SAM sites use the model of the S-75 Dvina.
  • SAMs are still called such even on airships, which Matthew Nguyen explained as simple name copypasting.[2] Still, it can be technically correct as they are arguably still mounted on vehicular rather than land surfaces.


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