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Matthew Nguyen at the beach

Matthew "FlyAwayNow" Nguyen (aka FAN) (s the producer and scribe of Project Wingman. He is Vietnamese-American.

Nguyen believes that the flight genre has to have installments around both singleplayer and multiplayer rather than one component being complementary to the other.[1] He seems to like the idea of a playable two-seater Chengdu J-20 after seeing news covering its rumors.[2] He supports the presence of an enemy morale system where enemies simply retreat due to taking severe losses.[3]

He cites the inspiration for the World on Fire being the Fallout Bible.[4]

Nguyen has gone on record to say that he and other players view Project Wingman as validating players who play games like it for the power fantasy without thinking their actions will make the world better, and that the game deconstructs the typical Ace Combat protagonist by showing how war escalates as expected by characters with the player's presence, the prime example being Mission 11. Additionally, Crimson 1's assertions in Mission 18, are viewed as directed towards the player for desiring conflicts to fight in, despite their companions rejecting them, and the final mission is his deliverance of the player's desire for a decisive final battle, the coda being that their desires are what repeatedly brings chaos to the world.[5]

Another message he endorsed is Crimson 1 representing his anger over how the world turned out at the climax by speaking beyond the fourth wall and creating a closed circle out of Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War's message,[6] and that he was supposed to have brought the protagonists of past flight games out of the player or Monarch.[7]


  • Nguyen has been awarded the "10 Year Veteran Commendation" for the Counter-Strike series of games. He has over 10 years of dedication to skill-based and competitive participation in the industry's renowned standard platform of Counter-Strike and its iterations.[8]
  • Nguyen claims to be the tenth member of the Wu-Tang Clan under the guise of Pho-King. Relatedly, he allegedly wrote Masta Killa's verse in the hit Da Mystery of Chessboxin'.[9]


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