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"Adjust from the last volley 50 meters, coordinates 3-2-9-4, we’re not trying to hit the terminals, fire for effect."
― CIF artillery[1]

Artillery pieces are long-range weapons capable of lobbing down explosive projectiles downrange at long range. They share the same model as tanks and can be mounted on reinforced gun emplacements.


Mobile artillery usually takes the form of an APC-like eight-wheeled vehicle with "73" on their hulls. They can saturate entire soils with heavy fire and provide sustainable ground defense. On stationary ends such as naval ships, they are used for coastal bombardment and ship-to-ship combat, or simply base defense. These structures feature rectangle-shaped holes to peek through.

Tanks have also found themselves used by paratroopers, and therefore can be carried on cargo planes. Some artillery pieces are capable of launching cruise missiles.[2]


  • Artillery and tanks will not disappear and continue to move even after destruction but will disappear after a few seconds.
  • The tank's design most likely takes inspiration from the B1 Centauro tank destroyer or the Rooikat AFV.