Cruise missile

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Cruise missiles are specialized missiles equipped with special warheads that are typically launched from heavier platforms on vehicles.


Kiiyo is a type of cruise missile used by the Pacific Federation during Operation Sea Farer to destroy the stolen FNS Jerusalem. One missile alone was enough to take out ships of its caliber, but they were all shot down by Sicario's Hitman Team despite escorts.[1]

During Operation Anticipation, the Federation utilized cordium-tipped warheads loaded on cruise missiles to level the Cascadian trade city of Prospero. This time, they were much more durable, numerous, and agile, and Hitman and other fighters could not shoot all of them down. Their failure led to the Cascadian Calamity Event,[2] and because of that, the use of such weapons was condemned worldwide.[3]

The final known use of cruise missiles in the Cascadian Conflict was by the Cascadian Independence Force during Operation Blue Shelter, where six of them were used to take out Federation defense units around Brite Fortress.[4]


All cruise missiles use the model of the AGM-86 ALCM.