"The Good Daughter"

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"The Good Daughter," sometimes abbreviated TGD, is an unfinished short story in the World on Fire by Matthew Nguyen. It takes place an unspecified amount of years before the start of the game and follows Robin Kuo's interactions with her family.

The story was scrapped from the Project Wingman Artbook[1] due to not fitting with the other, more lore-driven stories.[2] Following much positive reception for its character development and worldbuilding on the Pacific Federation, however, Nguyen stated he was considering putting it back to the artbook.[3] He later confirmed a reissue underway; should it fall through, he would consider turning it into a comic book.[4] A revision was indeed confirmed to be in his personal folder.[5]

As an aside, all material from this story is to be kept within this article until further notice to account for possible rewrites of certain elements.[6]


In the Federation Core State of Daegu, Robin Kuo goes on a shopping trip on behalf of her teammates in Hitman Team, to the Kuo Mart. She meets her family (who believe that she is a Federation regular soldier rather than a member of Sicario, including her twin sister Sybil and her "Ba Noi" (grandmother). Robin spends time fixing various objects in the store and socializing with the family. Sybil attempts to persuade her to leave the Federation military and return to the family, but she declines.

The nart is attacked by gangsters from a local Magadanian gang who have been demanding protection money. Ba is beaten and her dentures broken. The family declines to go to the Federation authorities, but Robin takes note of the "Rubicon Ordinary" sticker on one of the gang's trucks and begins hatching a plot. That night, Ba visits Robin in her room and tells the story of how she was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Federation Peacekeepers, fighting in the Oceania War. Ba praises Robin for being a "soldier" who "fights for something that matters", rather than a "mercenary" who only pursues money. "You’re such a good daughter", she says.

The next day, Robin contacts Gunsel 1 to speed up her planned departure by seaplane, and goes with a revolver to the Rubicon Ordinary, a restaurant. She pretends to be recruiting for a mercenary group, and when five thugs from the previous day appear, she shoots all of them repeatedly and leaves.